Friday, July 23, 2010

My New Rug

This is the rug I want to make when I get home to Denver. You use carpet tiles, cute huh?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

Since Brandon had the day off today we decided to go back into DC to tour the SPY museum. I think the tickets to get in were a bit overpriced but we enjoyed non the less. While looking on a map last night to see exactly where the museum was located I just happened to see that there was a cupcake shop just down the street. Sure enough we hit it up on our way back to the metro. I totally forgot to take picture of the actual cupcakes. The were pretty average size and cost 3.24 each. The flavors we got were smores, red velvet, van, and key lime. The smores was a total rip. A somewhat dry chocolate cupcake with a weird marshmellowy frosting with grahmcracker sprinkled on top. Brandon got the Vanilla cupcake cake because the frosting and cake had vanilla bean in it. Brandon said it was "nothing special". Spot on. The key lime had this weird coolwhip, but a little thicker, frosting on top of lime cake. It is very suspicious to have coolwhip like frosting not melt in 90 degree weather, what do they put in that stuff!? And then there was the redvelevet. Thank goodness this one was good. The cream cheese frosting was okay but the cake part was even better. I hate when people take a white cake mix, dye it red, and add like a teaspoon off cocoa and think that'll taste good. Redvelevet's redvelvet(ha), had a dark red cake that actually tasted good. But with your store named that your redvelevet better be good.

Happy Birthday America

It was so amazing to be in DC for the fourth of July. I absolutely love early American history so of course it felt so special to me to be in our nations capitol on Sunday. We sat across from DC on the water at Bolling Airforce Base. We had dinner there on base outside and then watched the DC firework show on the Potomac River. It was so perfect, that is until we got swarmed by mosquitoes.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Part 1 of Cupcake Tour

Yeah!!! I was so excited to finally be going on my DC cupcake tour. First on out shop, Baked and Wired. We took the metro into GW(which Brandon loved because that was the college he had wanted to go to) and starting walking around Georgetown. Oh it was so cute! There were lots of great shops, places to eat, and cute little houses up every street. After about a mile of walking we arrived at our first cupcake shop. The display was so cute and they had lots of other baked goods besides cupcakes. There granola bars and pie looked so good. They also had a great selection of cupcakes, great flavor combos. I ended up picking van/straw and Elvis. The Elvis was good, but not as good as Violets which has the best Elvis ever. Brandon loved the banana cake with peanut butter frosting. The straw/van was really good too. The vanilla cake had pieces of strawberry and the frosting was strawberry too. This place was definitely the best out of all four cupcake shops. The cupcakes were also very big and I felt worth the $3.85 they cost. If I get the opportunity to go there again I definitely will.

Part 2 of Cupcake Tour

The 2nd cupcake shop we tried was Georgetown Cupcakes, OVERRATED! Now they were only $2.75(which was good cause they were small) and they did have a good menu to choose from, BUT they weren't very good. And to top it off they're getting a show on TLC that starts this month. Totally overrated. The flavors I got were keylime, choc/Van, and Choc choc chip. The choc frosting in the choc choc chip was like this weird soft fudge consistency and it wasn't sweet enough. The choc with van frosting tasted like it had cream cheese frosting, so I don't know what was going on there. And the keylime was okay. This place was the Dots of the DC. So what did I learn from this 2nd shop? Great location, cute shop, cute looking cupcakes, and butt tasting cupcakes equals great buisness and a show on TLC.

Part 3 of Cupcake Tour

After walking around Georgetown Brandon and I walked about a mile over to Dupont Circle. Dupont Circle was a neat part of town that seemed to be very diverse with lots of restuarants. While there we stopped off at our 3rd cupcake shop on our list. Happy Cakes was my second favorite out of the four we visited today. The cupcakes were pretty good and the way they looked reminded me of Lovely Confections. The frosting was good(Except that Brandon thought it was a bit gritty, and I think he was right) but the cake lacked flavor. But the people working there were very nice.

Part 4 of Cupcake Tour

So this was the last part of our cupcake tour. The 4th and last cupcakes shop we wanted to visit was called Cake Love. I have looked at there website before and just kinda had a feeling that they wouldn't be that great. So with my expectations pretty low we walked from Dupont Circle through Embassy row to U street. Well I was right about it not being that great. The inside of the shop was kinda awkward and the cupcakes didn't look all that great. I got a carrot cupcake and didn't like it that much. It had raisins which I hate, and the pieces of carrot were like long strings in the cupcake. But our next stop on U street more than made up for the bad cupcake. For lunch we decided to eat at Ben's Chili Bowl just a couple of blocks away( and right across from the metro thank goodness). It reminded me of Tommy's Burgers in Cali. We got a dog and burger and potato salad and shared it all. It was really good! So full from our lunch(and starting to come down from our sugar highs), walking on the sides of our feet(not so smart to walk like 5 miles in flip flops) we hobbled over to the metro across the street and headed home.